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Please join us for our wedding celebration on May 28, 2016

Our Story

Flash back to May 2012! Jeff comes from a small town in Wisconsin called Oostburg and Jacqui is' from the busy city of Chicago. The two connected on Eharmony and it all began there! The couple didn't rush right into dating. Infact, they spoke on the phone and Skyped for about three months prior to meeting. By the time they went on their first date in August, they felt like they had known each other forever. The first date was perfect; They met halfway in Gurnee IL and went mini golfing and for a nice dinner and movie. The next few dates were just as amazing. From roaming the Gurnee Mills Mall to apple picking in Sturtevant Wisconsin at Apple Holler; the couple was happy just to be together no matter the activity. The next two and a half years were filled with lots of love and laughter and both Jacqui' and Jeff grew close to each others family. Jeff feels right at home with everyone in Jacqui's family; something she's dreamed of. Jacqui' now goes on the annual fishing trip to Rhine lander with Jeff and his grandparents. She takes fishing pretty seriously. Who would've known?

On May 23rd, 2015, Jeff and Jacqui planned to do a hike in Lansing IL. They picked out a cute cheese board from Marianos for a mini picnic. The couple as always spoke about what it will be like when they are finally living in the same state and as they approached this beautiful clearing, Jeff told Jacqui' how much he loved and cared for her and that he wanted to share the rest of his life with her. With tears rolling down her face, she of course accepted and close friends and family were immediately called. This is just the beginning of their journey. The best is yet to come!